Here we go….

gourmet_girl_logo _finalWelcome to my life!

Everyone is doing it.  Seriously.  Everyone.  You’re doing it, right? The Blog.  Can it really be that we all have so much to say?  So much internal voice and angst that needs to be poured out for friends and even strangers to read and enjoy?  If everyone truly DID do it, would the world be a better place?  Would violence drop?  Would world peace ensue?  Eh.  Probably not.  But it is fun, it is freeing and if you want to follow along with what goes through the mind of someone like me, well.. who am I to stop you?

So, what is the first thing you need to know about  me?  Well, I’m a cook.  Not a chef.  I’ve been perceived as one but chef is either a) a job title or b) a word used to impress (and trust me, I’ve met some “chefs” who were the farthest thing from impressive).  No.  What I do, is cook – and teach others how to cook.  Usually, I cook well – but not all of the time.  Cooking is a process – and not always a successful one. A failure in the kitchen, however, isn’t something to frustrate you.  It’s just an opportunity to learn something and move on.

I also love food.  Truly love food.  This doesn’t mean that I always love to eat.  I just love the abundance of tastes/textures/aromas that come with food – especially fresh food.  I love that a meal can stimulate conversation and encourage bonding between friends.  I love how various foods can take on completely different characteristics when paired with other things.

So most of my blogs will probably center around food/cooking/entertaining or other related topics.  I can’t promise, however, that other things won’t occasionally slip in.  It’s my blog and I’m not going to limit myself.  So if you come along with me on this journey, read what you want and ignore the rest.  My feelings won’t be hurt. I promise.


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