Yee Haw!

Wow.  I have so much to tell all of you.  As many of you know, I spent the past several days in New York City.  I was catching up with old friends and enjoying some of the events that surrounded the Food Network’s Food & Wine Festival.  And I was eating – well.  I can’t wait to tell you about some of the places I went and some of the things that I tasted. It was a foodie’s dream.IMG_0110

Right now, however, my excitement over telling you about restaurants in the Big Apple is being overtaken by my excitement at a new restaurant right here in my own backyard.  A place that most of you haven’t tried and yet a place that most of you could go for dinner – tonight!

The restaurant is called Cowboy Chow.  Some of you may have visited the original location in Deep Ellum.  I, had not.  This was completely new to me.  The restaurant is located in Roanoke, on South Oak Street.  Near Babe’s and right next door to the acclaimed (and sister restaurant) Twisted Root Burger Co.

When walking up to Cowboy Chow, you’re greeted with a large porch, complete with brick fire pit and handmade rustic rocking chairs.  The laid back and family-friendly atmosphere just begs for you to enjoy a real Mexican Coke or Mexican Sprite on the patio while you wait for your table.  On the weekends, you can even be entertained by musicians playing classic Texas tunes.  The cast-iron cooking theme is carried inside where solid wood tables and a fully-visable country kitchen remind one of rustic West Texas and Cowboy Cooks.  Drinks are served in glass bottles, watermelon iced tea and water are poured from glass carafes, silverware is in a mason jar and checks are brought in boxes originally intended for decks of cards.  It’s warm and welcoming and once the food comes, you realize, its’ far from ordinary.

IMG_0106Since this was my first trip, I decided to try the items for while Cowboy Chow has become known.  I began with the Navajo Fry Bread – a delicious, crisp, round flatbread served with the most amazingly flavored pureed black beans and honey.  The saltiness of the black beans blended beautifully with the sweetness of the honey and made this one of my all-time favorite “starters” anywhere.

IMG_0107For lunch, I chose the Jalapeno Brisket Tacos.  Brisket that had been smoked for more than seven hours was topped with Texas Caviar, queso fresco, fresh avocado, roasted jalapenos and an amazing, cooling lime cream.  The tacos were served on soft tortillas with rice an barbecued pinto beans.  Everything was beyond delicious and I was happy that the portions were large enough to allow me to bring some home for another great meal.

Drink choices at Cowboy Chow are no less appealing.  My Diet Dr. Pepper was brought to me in a glass bottle.  Had it been closer to evening, I might would have tried one of their signature drinks such as a Bacon Infused Bourbon Shot or Peach Infused Bourbon with Cream Soda or even a Watermelon Infused Vodka with Mexican Sprite.  As it was, I’m just thrilled they serve Diet Dr. Pepper.  Not many places do.

IMG_0109For dessert, I wanted to try the Cowboy Chow version of a S’more.  Homemade marshmallows (and trust me, these are NOTHING like what you buy at the grocery store) are toasted and then set upon a graham cracker that has been topped with a brownie and a layer of delicious crunchy peanut butter.  The flavor was incredible, though I did remark that I would have preferred the brownie to be warmed.  Nonetheless, this dessert was near heaven and needed desperately to be accompanied by a glass of cold milk.

Prices at Cowboy Chow are very reasonable.  A three course lunch for myself and my dad came to less than $35.  This is a place that you need to visit.  Soon.  It has instantly become a favorite of mine and I’m sure that you’ll feel the same once you’ve tasted that Cowboy Cuisine for which Fort Worth is becoming so well-known.

Yee Haw!


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  1. Amy Buchanan Bagley

    I concur with all of the above…but stay away from the bacon infused bourbon, I still have the film on the inside of my mouth. Not. Pleasant.

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