Non-Resolutions for a New Year

Hey Everyone!  I’ve been absent.  I know.  Many of you may not have noticed and that’s great.  It does seem though as if one or two of you have been faithful to check, everyday, for a new blog.  To you, I’m so very sorry.  I’ve sucked.  I’ll try to do better.  I’d tell you that I’d resolve to do better but I don’t do resolutions.

First of all, Happy New Year!  It’s 2010.  Crazy.  I hope that all of you have started the year off well.  I’ve started my year by breathing.  You may think this seems like a cop-out of goals but breathing can become incredibly difficult to do sometimes.  I’ve let the blog slip because I’ve been busy.  No busier than most other people but my brain has been occupied with other things.  Parties, cooking, clients, holidays, etc, etc, etc.  Something had to slip.  But now it’s a new year and I’m back and I hope to get back into this writing habit that gives me so much joy.

January is a natural break time in my house.  Schedules slow, focus becomes much easier.  This is when I naturally take stock of the past year and think about my goals for the new one.  I said before that I don’t do resolutions, and I don’t.  I learned a long time ago that resolutions usually prefaced a sense of failure for me.  But I have time in January – more time than possibly any other month so it’s a good time to get my life back on track.  I have a few rules for this… 1) all goals have to be attainable and realistic. 2) I start nothing NEW in January (this includes diets, exercise, etc…. if I wasn’t doing some of it before the holidays, I won’t start it now) 3) I never include “getting organized”  or any of it’s related goals.  It’s pointless… it won’t happen.  Why even go there?  Someday I may decide to hire someone to be organized for me.. we’ll see.

My main goals for the year revolve around The Gourmet Girls.  Most of you are familiar with the business that I started with my two friends in Austin.  Things are going well… we’ve taught cooking classes for a baby shower, we have a birthday party coming up and a few other things just waiting to be confirmed.  We’ll also be hosting a cake decorating class in Austin in the near future. If you’re interested in attending that, let me know.  There are kids camps to think about and many things to be explored.  I’m excited about this.  This concept has been a baby of mine for years and it’s great to get the chance to really make it fly.  It involves quite a bit of travel between Fort Worth and Austin but this is part of my goal.  I love Austin.  I love the Hill Country.  It’s always been where I’d like to end up.  That’s a more distant goal, but an important one nonetheless.  I’ve become quite fond of taking the train between Fort Worth and Austin.  It’s a pleasant ride.  Hopefully I’ll be doing some blogging from there as well.  I’m absolutely giddy at the thought of being down there when the Bluebonnets bloom.

I’m also once again focusing on my health.  Again, this is nothing new.  I’ve been running for a while – I just took a hiatus during November and December, only occasionally lacing up the shoes and venturing out.  Thankfully, it seems that my body hasn’t lost too much of the ability I’d worked up to.  For this, I’m thankful.  It feels good to once again be stretching myself a bit.  It offers a clarity that I don’t get when sitting at home on the couch.

Then there’s “the list”  The 40 before 40 list.  40 things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 40-years-old.  Well, I’ll turn 40 just two weeks from Friday.   No, everything has not been accomplished – but most of it has.  That list did everything it was intended to do.  It made me step out of my comfort zone.  It made me take better care of myself.  It made me reconnect with people.  It took me to new places and it taught me new things.  Some of you were a part of that list in a very personal way and I’m glad you shared it with me.  I will continue to work on it – maybe even adding a few things.  It’s good to make yourself do things – even the most silly of things.  When I made that list, who would have thought that so much fun and terror and joy would come from just crashing a party?  Yet I remember that as one of the best nights of the year.  Some of you were there, and I’d guess you got a chuckle out of it as well.  The little reunion organizer lady is probably still really irritated when it crosses her mind.

Finally, I hope to check in here a bit more often.  I also hope to get my other Gourmet Girls to occasionally share their stories.  They’re fantastic and cool and I think you’d enjoy the things that they have to say.  For now though, take care.  Be in touch.  You probably know where you can find me.  Chances are, I’d love to hear from you.


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One response to “Non-Resolutions for a New Year

  1. J. Kenney Zamboni

    I check here all the time, as you are bookmarked! Great update!!!! And the little reunion lady needs bigger panties!! There are more important things to worry about than two friendly people crashing a party! Especially, when said party is held in a public venue! The next night, half of the student population crashed the wedding in the next ballroom!

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