Embarking on a New Blog Project

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about this blog.  I’ve been pondering direction, purpose – things that are all probably way too serious for something like this but that’s just the way I roll.  I struggle with the idea that what I have to say could POSSIBLY be of any interest to anyone.  My life is pretty much like any other.  I don’t take big trips or buy big ticket items.  I live a fairly modest existence.  I have an amazing family and a few very very dear and special friends.  And even though I struggle with content, I’ve found this blog to be a place of refuge.  It’s a place where I can connect with my inner self.  Sometimes life gets crazy and it seems like I’m being tossed by circumstances.  I have learned through some very hard lessons that it’s important for me to stay centered and focused and to keep my eyes on the right things – those things that enhance my life and feed me rather than those that drain my energy and bring me down.  Oddly, at times, writing about a restaurant or a recipe or even just a crazy day in my life helps me to do that.  I’ve also realized that if I don’t have a direction or a mission for this blog then it will eventually fall away.  I will continue to write about all of those things I’ve been writing about – my intent is not to pigeon-hole myself but I’d like to “do something” in my real life that might be fun and of interest to those of you who are so faithful to read.

Those who know me would probably agree that I’m a passionate person.  I’ve always felt deeply and have always had a fascination with life that I can’t explain.  Despite the ability to go through emotional roller coasters and feel intense pain, I’m basically optimistic.  I try to live in a state of being amazed that we’re all even here.  The gift of life is a short but precious one.  Might as well make the best of it.

If you really know me at all, you’ve probably already figured out that two things that invoke more passion and emotion in me than most anything else are food and music.  I am not a musician by any means but I truly love music of many types.  I don’t “like” it all but I’d have a hard time telling you a type that I can’t appreciate on some level or in certain circumstances.  Food is the same way. I don’t “love” everything I eat but there are very few things that I “hate” or won’t eat.  Both food and music are basic forms of human expression.  Both are integral to our existence.  Both are gifts.  Both are art.

Several months ago, my family gave me a gift that made me really being thinking about all of these things…. a record player/stereo console from the early 70’s and a copy of Xanadu on vinyl.  These gifts have triggered a near obsession with music.  Before I would play music from my iPod in the back ground as I was doing other things but something about having good music on vinyl has made me listen (really listen) to it in a new and exciting way.  I hear things on vinyl that I never heard in a digital format.  Or maybe, I FEEL things I didn’t feel because I’m more likely to really stop, listen and let the music carry me away.  I’ve also noticed that my experiences with food have played a large part in the mental aspect of this.  I can hear music and think in terms of food.  What does Tony Bennett taste like?  What drink would be Mark Knopffler be?  What food would enhance the music I’m listening to?  How would all of this make me feel?

So this is what I’m going to explore – and write about.  It won’t be every day or probably every week but on a semi-frequent basis, I’m going to choose a collection of music that I love (and no, I’m not limiting myself to vinyl though that will probably be the emphasis) and developing recipes and a menu that best compliments the music.  I’ll document it here – telling you what recipes worked and which ones didn’t.  Will the music sound better when accompanied by the food?  Stay tuned.

I’m not diverting from what I’m already doing.  There will still be entries about other things but this gives me something that I know I’ll be able to write about – even when life starts to feel overwhelming and too complicated to document or, frankly, too boring to document.  I’m excited about the project and hope to create some great new recipes that you’ll enjoy preparing for your loved ones as well.

So continue to read.  If you have a favorite piece of music, don’t be afraid to suggest it.  I’m always excited to experience things through the ears and lips of others.  It will be a fun journey and is one that I’m excited about.  Hopefully you’ll get excited too!



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2 responses to “Embarking on a New Blog Project

  1. Greg

    Love to see what you come up with for Miles Davis’s “So What” or Tear for Fears’s “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” Or even anything from the Olivia Newton-John oeuvre. I’m just going for diversity in music there, btw.

    • thegourmetgirls

      There will be some challenges. But I’ll start easy. I have Miles Davis and ONJ. Will definitely work Xanadu in there somewhere.

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