Making Mental Lemonade

I’m an optimist.  For better or worse.  Sometimes my optimism allows me to cope through all sorts of difficult situations.  Sometimes it allows me to help others.  Sometimes it even sets me up for tremendous disappointments that hurt worse because I never saw them coming.  But would it be better to go through life expecting the worst?  I can’t imagine living that way so I embrace my generally optimistic nature.  It may all be in my head but I’ve become quite adept a making mental lemonade.

This is what I’m attempting to do today.  My husband is an artist and has started to book jobs that require him to paint large canvases at events.  Our little Accord, while fairly reliable, wasn’t cutting it on the “carrying stuff” front.  We needed something bigger and more practical.  We needed a truck.  We got a van and while it has a new engine and will certainly carry it’s fair share of canvases, easels and paints…. it’s a visual nightmare.  Truly awful.  My initial response when Ty first pulled into the driveway was one of horror and denial.

I swear you can smell it coming.  Awful.  It needs to be gutted and rebuilt from the inside out.  If I think about it in these terms, I almost cannot cope.  So after I deal with the trauma, my mind immediately begins to make mental lemonade.  We can rip out the carpet and the drapes, we can replace the seats.  We can turn it into a really cute vehicle for traveling and camping.  The backseat folds into a full-sized bed.  There’s a place for a TV.  It could be good.  Mental lemonade.  Although if anyone has a car you’re not using, call me…. before my kids die of embarrassment.  Though they seem to be taking it in stride.  Collin has already dubbed it, “The Happy Gilmore Mobile”.

On another note…

If you live in the North Fort Worth area, you may have noticed a new restaurant that’s gone in at the corner of Beach and Basswood called, Two Brothers Bistro.  It took over the area that was the Brazilian Churrascurria.  When the signage first went up, I assumed it would be just another mediocre attempt at opening an independent restaurant in our area.  Turns out, this one actually has some legs.  It’s owned by the brothers Katzianis.  They once owned Fort Worth favorite, Greek.  One of them also owned downtown’s Parthenon.  They’ve now rejoined forces and are attempting to spread their success north.  For this I am extremely grateful.  The menu seems to be a fusion of Greek, seafood and Louisiana cuisines.   I had friends who stopped in for dinner on Friday and said that the food was excellent.  Evidently they’re still a little touch and go on service but for now, I’ll excuse it as grand opening growing pains.  I am hoping to meet a friend there for dinner on Friday night and will certainly report back.

This evening will be the first installment of my previously announced music and morsels.  I’ve decided to start easy and work my way into the more challenging stuff.  Tonight I’ll be cooking to my most recent vinyl acquisition, Getz/Gilberto.  It’s Brazilian Bossa Nova jazz and I’ll be attempting Galinhada.  Stay tuned!


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