I would have never thought that the Superbowl coming to Arlington (yes, ARLINGTON – NOT DALLAS) would have ever brought so much excitement into my world. I don’t really care so much about professional football. I CERTAINLY don’t care about a Superbowl featuring two teams I’m indifferent to. But this year, the Superbowl is in my backyard and I feel the excitement brewing.
Ordinarily, I’d react to the Superbowl crazy much as I do NASCAR races. Stock up on food and toiletries and hunker down – never leaving the house. But this is different. This year, I’m a part of the action and it’s going to be a week-long ride. About a year ago, my art director husband decided to officially and intentionally leave the advertising/graphic design world and pursue his dream of truly being an artist, a painter. Someone who is paid to create. He’s brilliant but this is a risky endeavor by anyone. Still, his success has been amazing for such a short time.
DFW has a strong sports market. This is no secret. NASCAR, football, even our formerly mediocre Rangers have stepped up to the plate (and managed to hit a few home runs). For this reason, Ty has found some success by falling into the sports market where his fine art is concerned. He’s painted Nolan Ryan, Cliff Lee, a host of Cowboys, Josh Hamilton and the list goes on. As the Superbowl rolls into town, he’s exhibiting in a sports-related Art Show just a few miles from the stadium, painting Tony Dorsett at a Superbowl event at the Gaylord and planning to spend his evenings hanging out with ESPN in Sundance Square.
My living room looks more like a studio than living space, my son, the best lefty catcher I know, is being immortalized on canvas as we speak. I’m constantly emailing agents, galleries and news producers who are interested in what he does. It’s exciting and for him, a bit terrifying.
If you’d like to see his most recent works, you can! The Art Bowl MMXI will be open to the public February 3-5 at the F6 Gallery in Lincoln Square in Arlington. We’ll be there on Thursday night from 7-9 pm and would love for you to stop by.


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