The Bad Dad

Today was a good mail day.  No…. there were no checks, offers of employment or lottery notifications.  As I sifted through the ads, junk mail and bills, a big yellow envelope caught my eye.  The package’s return address was that of Dave Lieber and I knew instantly what it was.  I was about to read about the Bad Dad.

I started in on the first chapter of Dave’s new book and within a few pages, my eyes had filled with tears.  I’ve always loved reading Dave’s stories.  Partly because they’re always well-written and interesting but mostly because so many of his stories are about his family, who I love and admire.

Dave and his family have been a part of my family’s life for many many years.  In the early days of Ty’s employment with the Star-Telegram he designed the logo that is still used today for Summer Santa, a charity that Dave Lieber co-founded to help kids during the dry months for charities.  The first time I met him was when he and a young Austin (his son, to whom he is the Bad Dad) stopped by early for one of our Christmas Eve parties.  He wanted to make a brief appearance even though he’s Jewish and his wife Karen (a Protestant) gets to be “in charge” of Christmas.  I instantly got why my husband liked him so much.  They shared a similar sense of humor and both were great fun to be around.

Austin and my 13-year-old, Collin are close in age and share a similar passion for baseball.  His parents also share a similar passion for baseball teams that are low on drama, low on hassle and low on cost.  Through the years, when we’d find the rare baseball team of good players, good families and good coaches, we’d call the Liebers.  As a result, Collin and Austin have played together for several years and we’re close to the entire family.  And now, they all come to our Christmas Eve parties.  Karen is still “in charge” of Christmas but now she knows and loves us.

It’s no secret that through Dave’s career as a fearless newspaper columnist, he’s made both great friends and great enemies.  Several years ago when word broke that he had angrily left Austin at a McDonald’s and subsequently been taken into custody for child endangerment, we were beside ourselves.  He was being portrayed in the media as a Bad Dad.  The truth is and always has been that he’s one of the best dads I’ve ever known.  Austin is perhaps one of my favorite kids outside of my own.  He’s funny and fiery and talented and smart – characteristics not unlike those of his parents.  He’s a lucky kid and he knows it and will only continue to know it more as he grows and matures.

And now Dave’s book is coming out.  Bad Dad promises to talk about that “dark” time with the humor and sincerity that I see in Dave all of the time.  It’s sure to be a fantastic read.  I love the courage with which he’s approached that time.  I’m happy that everyone came through it so well and that we’re all able to now smile about it.  I’m looking forward to reading all of it and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a heartwarming story of love and family.

Thank you for the advanced copy Dave.  You are the best Bad Dad I know.

You can get your copy now at or it will be available in retail stores on Father’s Day.  Enjoy!


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  1. Thanks Crystal! I didn’t even know you had written this. What a nice piece!

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