I don’t believe that everything happens for a reason.  Call me cynical but I just don’t.  Life might be easier if I did.  If I believed that every single micro-step was guided by some unseen guardian angel that might be good but I’d not be being honest with myself.  We live in a world where bad things just happen and not always for a reason.  There is evil in this world.  There is sickness.  There is error.  There is happenstance.  There are mistakes.  Good people sometimes die.  Bad people sometimes rise to the top.  Though I also don’t believe that there is really such a  thing as “good people” and “bad people” but that’s probably for another blog.  We make choices in life and those choices lead us to other choices and the cycle goes on and on.  Some of our choices are good, and some are bad.  Most though probably fall somewhere between the two extremes.   It’s life.  We’re living it and no matter how we live it, we get the options that emerge as a result of the choices we make.  Many of you reading this blog may not agree and I’m okay with that.  No need to try to convince me otherwise.  That’s not really the point.

The good thing about this is that when things go wrong (as they recently have), I’m generally able to pick myself up and continue to move forward – knowing that what happens next is dependent on what I choose to do now.  An entire life can be built out of a long series of choices – both mine and others choices who affect me.  I recently tied my horse to a cart of bad choices.  They weren’t mine but they certainly impacted me.  I was then left with no choice but to untether that horse and ride away.  Then the big choice presented it off.  Do I write off the past 6 weeks as a “learning experience” and just start over?  Or do I give everything I have to making sure the past 6 weeks was not a complete waste of time?  I chose the later.  I maintained my contacts, I started seeing things in a different light.  I talked to people and many of those people chose to rally around me, helping me to feel hopefully and cared for.  I still don’t know where it’s all going but I’m excited and happy.  I can’t wait to see what options present themselves as the days, weeks and months go forward.

Every day is a crossroads.  Every day we make choices that steer us toward our future.  Many of these choices are so small that we don’t even think about them but the impact can be huge.  Everyone deserves to live their best life.  It won’t always be easy.  Sometimes people will get in your way.  They’ll disappoint you.  Sometimes you’ll even disappoint yourself.  But with every single choice you make today try to make the best one.  A long series of good choices based in kindness and love will lead to a good life filled with kindness and love.  And when you make bad choices (and you will).  Know that it was just a choice.  It’s never too late to grow, to become wiser, to turn things around.  You may pay for your bad choice.  But when you do, learn from it.  It makes life a lot easier to live.


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