An Opportunity for Adventure

I don’t like the idea of getting old.  I don’t mind aging.  I don’t mind everyone knowing that I’m 41 and nearly halfway to 42.  I don’t mind the idea that someday I’ll be 60 or 70 or even 80.  What bothers me is the idea that at some point, I may lose my appetite for adventure, my fearless way of doing things spontaneously, my crazy.   I like being a little bit crazy.  I love that I’m married to someone who can deal with my crazy and respond with a little bit of his own.  I love that we aren’t routine or afraid to imagine possibilities.  I love that when something happens, as what has happened this morning, my blood starts to pump.

Here’s the general scoop….. One of Ty’s favorite agents in Milford, Ohio, Tad Barney ( contacted Ty about doing digital caricatures on June 17 (That’s less than two weeks away!!!) at the Xerox Jazz Festival in Rochester, New York (  It’s a perfect gig for my husband.  He loves Jazz, he loves digital caricatures.  The only downside is that even though the job will cover travel, agents don’t pay deposits – even for trips…. so everything has to come out of pocket until we’re reimbursed 2 weeks after the event.  As many of you know, this is a rough time of year for entertainers.  Summer can be very dry and we, very literally, cannot afford to turn down a job like this – especially after the debacle that was Get Fresh Market.  Sigh.  So calling up American Airlines and booking a $500 flight is out of the question.  Add to the fact that Xerox is evidently notorious for signing contracts late…. who knows what flights will cost in just a few days.  Until that contract is signed, it’s all just tentative.

So we start thinking outside of that proverbial box.  We start thinking road trip.  I’ve been wishing for the opportunity to blog some really cool more-than-ordinary things, we need to get Camden to Kansas City somehow some way.  Is there a way we could make all of this work?  With not much upfront cash?  There would be no hotels, no fancy restaurants.  Just a guy, a girl, a car, a tent, some great road food dives, and a couple of laptops.  Sound crazy?  Yep… yet I’m totally game.

Our first goal would be to find a place for the kids.  Camden will be going to Kansas City at some point around that time but Collin needs to stay in the area.  He has a big baseball tournament the weekend of the 17th and needs to be there.  I might very well be asking a few of you to keep him for a day or two.  Hoping Grandpa will take a couple of days.  Driving to upstate New York won’t be quick and easy.  There may need to be shuffling of Collin.

The second goal?  Find a way to raise enough money to get us started.  Checks are coming in but bills still need to be paid.  Ty had the brilliant idea to take donations in exchange for original artwork painted on the trip.  We’ll be doing it on the cheap, no doubt, but gas food is still required.  If you see this option pop up on Facebook and have always wanted a true piece of artwork, then I’d encourage you to give it a look. $25 or $50 for art is a steal… and would greatly help this little adventure.  And you could be a part of the crazy.  That’s worth something right there.

So that’s the long and short of it right now.  More as it develops.  I’m going to plan as if it’s going to happen as we wait for that contract.  Am I afraid that we’ll get stuck in Columbus, Ohio?  Maybe a tad.  But I’m more excited that good or bad, ten years from now we’ll have a story to tell.  We’re going on an adventure.  And when we look back on it, I doubt we’ll ever regret doing so.

Stay Tuned…….



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