The Sunflower State

It’s almost 5:30 a.m. and I’m sitting at a rest stop about twenty miles south of Wichita, Kansas.  We’ve been driving since shortly after midnight and it looks like we’re about to witness a beautiful sunrise.  Ty (the pilot of this adventure) is taking a bit of a nap as I take advantage of free Wi-Fi at a McDonalds.  I’m starving but my no-chains-with-one-exception rule has kicked in so I’m just going to have to deal with it.

Camden and Sam are filling the backseat of this little Focus.  Not the most comfortable car for 4 people plus 10 days worth of stuff but we’ve averaged 38.8 MPG so far.  That’s worth a little discomfort.  They’ve been great and haven’t complained once about anything.  Thank goodness for mobile video games.  I think we’re about 3 hours from Kansas City, our first stop.   I’ll be glad to get there.  Having done this trip before, I knew that this wasn’t the stretch of highway I’d enjoy.  Oklahoma and Kansas offer little to a road tripper.  With the exception of the fried pies near Turner Falls and the rolling hills in northern Kansas, it’s a great stretch to sleep through.

On my right is a giant truckstop-type store.  While Ty is napping a bit, I walked over to check it out.  I’m always amazed at the things that they carry in those places.  But who WOULDN’T want

one of these:
Or maybe this: 










That’s quality right there.

Okay.  Time to put myself in the drivers seat and move a little further down the road.  We have an idea of some cool things to do today.  Can’t wait to write about it later.




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  1. christine

    Crystal, I have stopped at that very rest stop many , many times on my way to Manhattan, and on my way back to Ft. Worth. The gift shop is a trip. I almost purchased a Kansas t-shirt dyed with Kansas dirt,(it was very pretty) but I showed restraint. Then just about a month ago I found that very shirt at a Goodwill with the tags still on it! Someone else’s hated gift was definitely my treasure!

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