What’s Going On

For those who have been wondering (and many of you have been asking), things are going very well in Culinary School.  I’m midway through my second term.  We’re currently focused on stocks, soups & sauces.  I’m making a lot of classical french dishes that I will (hopefully) never have to make once out of school (carrots, peas and leeks gelled in mayo anyone?).  But I am learning.  Everyday.  And I’m loving it.

The previously discussed “rebel & pirate” with the legal issues has dropped.  We’re down to about 15 in the class from the 20 we started with.  Oh how I wish I could tell these kids how much they’ll regret blowing this chance.  I wish I could enlighten them.  But I know too well that they wouldn’t listen.  I wouldn’t have listened at 20 either.

There will be some changes coming to the blog in the (hopefully) near future.  I now have a cohort.  I’ll still be blogging here about personal stuff and some food, the kind of thing you’re used to but professionally, I’ll be blogging on http://www.theguyandthegirl.com.  My friend, Cole (the Guy) will be joining me and will be talking all things food.  News, recipes… we’re even planning a series of webcasts that will teach the things that we’re spending 20 hours a week doing in class.  Every wanted to go to culinary school but didn’t have the time or the money?  We’ll have an answer for that.  Big things are in the works and I’m very excited to see what develops.

Stay tuned….



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