A (Not Really So Hard) Nut to Crack

 Yesterday I made a post on Facebook regarding my excitement over pomegranate season.  Several people posted that they had no idea what to do with them.  That’s a common thing with pomegranates.  They’re a mystery to many.  So I’m here to demystify.  Pomegranates are gorgeous and delicious and so incredibly healthy.  The have been shown to fight cancers, keep cholesterol in check, prevent gum disease and so much more.  There are many, many things that can be done with pomegranate juice which is now commonly sold but we’re here to talk about the seeds.  I eat the seeds like popcorn.  They can be a gorgeous garnish for soups and salad or even sprinkled on pork, chicken or other meats.  And I can’t describe how gorgeous and delicious they are on chocolate cakes and tarts.  So diverse, so good, so worth it.

 For some, the most complex part of getting to the deliciousness of the pomegranate is simply that first step.  Just getting in.  I start by simply scoring through the top (or bottom, for that matter)  Don’t cut too far in or red juice will spurt out, rapidly staining clothes, countertops and most anything else it touches.  As soon as I do this, I submerge the pomegranate in water.

Once the pomegranate has been scored, you can just get your thumbs in there and break it apart.  Keeping it in the water keeps the mess to a minimum.  At this point, break the pomegranate into quarters, exposing those gorgeous and delicious seeds.
Now, using the best kitchen tools you own (aka, your fingers), just separate the seeds from the pulp.  The best thing about this water method is that the seeds will sink to the bottom while the white pith floats.  Set the thick skins aside as you clear the seeds from each section.

Then simply pour off the water and the white pith and you’re left with a bowl full of beautiful seeds.  Be creative and let me know what you use them for but most of all, enjoy!


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