The Fastest Week Ever

School is going well and finishing with a bang.  Wednesday we made our final presentations of our final project, Thursday we took our individual knife skills practical and made Caesar Salad and Eggs Benedict without the aide of recipes.  It all went well.  On Monday we have our final group practical – a large buffet (my group is responsible for the crepe action station) and on Tuesday we take our written final exam.  And I’m done.  So hard to believe that it’s been 9 months since I started classes.  School has been everything I hoped for and more.  It’s given me opportunities and the confidence to explore opportunities that I wouldn’t have had before.  My classmates have become dear friends and I will miss them horribly. I’m ready to be done but not ready for it to be over.

Finishing classes is significant but school won’t really end until I complete my 12 weeks of externship.  And externship starts in 4 days.  I have four days to wrap up my life here in North Texas and get ready to start a new one in Orlando, Florida working for a mouse.  Everyone keeps asking if I’m excited and look incredulous when the answer is, ‘no’.  I will be, I think.  Once I arrive and check in and learn my location and meet my roommate(s) and find a way to get to the grocery store.  Then I might be excited.  Right now, I feel more like this:


In going through and packing up boxes, I came across the scrapbook that my mom made me after my first stint at Disney World.  Some of the literature that they sent was fun.  I miss hard copies of things like congratulations emails, road maps and such.  Everything now is done by email and a “portal” that I log into to get information.  The 23-year-old scrapbook has the smell of old library books, the papers are yellow and the ink is faded on many of the letters and cards that I received while there.  One thing that I did learn is that I remembered correctly.  When I went before, I did NOT have to pack bedding, towels and such.  Hotel linens were issued to us when we checked in and we turned them back in at the end.  I’d like to get my hands on the stupid kid(s) who ruined that for everyone.  Packing is still an issue through I’m feeling better about it.  Thankfully, summer clothes don’t take up much room, even if the Keurig does.

Here are a few photos of me from 1989.  I don’t think I’ve changed at all, have I? 😉


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