Today I Become Disney-fied

It still hasn’t sunken in… what I’m doing.  Even though I’ve done it before.  Going on the Disney College Program as a 19-year-old child who saw it as nothing more than a long summer vacation was one thing.  Going on the Disney Culinary Program as a 42-year-old adult who is hoping to spin it into a bonafide career is completely different.

In just a couple of hours, I’ll catch a shuttle to Vista Way, the original Disney CP apartment complex.  There I will check in, be given my work location (this is HUGE for me), finish processing all of my new hire paperwork, background check, etc. and at some point be given the keys to an apartment with anywhere from one to seven roommates.  This is what scares me the most.  I’m hoping to be placed in Patterson Court, an apartment known to be a bit quieter and I’m really hoping for a one bedroom with only one roommate.  And I hope she’s not terribly disappointed in her middle-aged mom of a roommate.  I’ve spent the past year in school with young people and adapted well.  The difference there was that when they all went out drinking and acting, well, 20, I was able to go home to a husband and two kids of my own.  Here, will there be an escape?  Or will work be that escape?  The only thing I know is that my roommate will be female and she will be over 21.

So I’m just hoping and praying for someone I can connect (or at least cope) with.  And I’m hoping my job assignment isn’t flipping burgers at the Pinocchio Village House.  And I’m hoping I have time today to go buy a pillow.





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