Housing, Housing… Rah Rah Rah.

I was going to title my posts by days.  Day 1… Day 2… and so forth.  I’ve figured out, however, that I will quickly lose track of the days.  Even in the short time I’ve been here, my brain has lost track.  Today was, comparatively speaking, an easy day.  I got up at 6:00 (SO much better than 4:00) and went for a run.  Then I cleaned up, dressed and headed off to something called “Housing Orientation”  I was expecting a lecture on rules (no weapons, no drugs, no alcohol for minors) and that is certainly what it was.  But it was masked behind a rave vibe.  Strobe lights, loud music, cheering.  It was basically a 2-hour headache.  Once that was done, I came back to the apartment and did laundry while my roommate headed to her scheduled orientation.

After she returned, we hopped the bus to Downtown Disney – a collection of shops, restaurants, attractions and entertainment.  Just walking around and listening to the myriad of musicians was fun.  Almost like a warm up to the rest of the parks.  We stopped and ate at the walkup window for Bongo’s Cuban Cafe.  I had a couple of empanadas and a mango smoothie.  Not bad at all.

Tonight as I was taking out the trash, I could hear the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom.  I forget how close we really are.

Tomorrow is Traditions.  Disney Orientation and my first official day on the clock.  I’m looking forward to it except that we have to dress up.  Tights and heels in Florida are no fun.


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