I’d Rather Kiss a Wookiee

Today I braved what I anticipated would be nearly unbearable crowds and uncomfortable heat to attend Star Wars Weekends at Disney Studios.  Star Wars Weekends is an annual event that runs from mid-May to mid-June.  George Lucas and Disney team up to offer special shows and parades, character greetings, celebrity appearances and some really cool merchandise each weekend during the event.  People come from all over to attend so I managed to talk myself out of the comfort of my apartment and even convinced my roommate (who has never seen Star Wars) to join me.

As we first entered, our “hosts” for the day were on stage giving us the rundown.  Basically, there are shows, a parade, Star Tours (a retro-popular ride), and all sorts of other events.  We quickly made our way to Darth Mall – a haven for super cool (in a geeky sort of way) Star Wars merchandise.  There was a LOT to look at but my very favorite was this “Mona Leia” t-shirt.  

There are several of my friends who need this.  Sadly, my paycheck isn’t big enough to pay for all of them.  Here we also saw R2D2 and C3PO and met Princess Leia.  She offered me a job cooking on the Millenium Falcon.   Here I also had my picture taken and placed in the famous Slave Girl Leia scene from Jedi.  I was hoping for a relatively inexpensive option to buy a digital file so I could impress my friends but $30 for an 8×10 of myself was out of the question.

After we were finished shopping, we took a break from Star Wars and saw the Voyage of the Little Mermaid.  After that, it was time for the Star Wars parade.  Fantastic characters and photo ops.  This may have been my favorite part.   We then walked around the park, seeing other Star Wars characters along the way.  Star Tours is back.  This ride was underwhelming when they removed it in the early 2000’s.  But now it’s been refurbed and has a 3D element added.  It’s better and will be gone when Star Wars Weekends end.


The only “celebrity” I knew. Jake Lloyd (aka Young Anakin in The Phantom Menace) The make up made him look much younger in the movie.









There were also many activities for kids, such as the Jedi Training Academy – some of these sweet padawans were even allowed to walk in the parade.  All in all a fun day.  Hope you enjoy the photos!



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2 responses to “I’d Rather Kiss a Wookiee

  1. Scott Ferguson

    Great photos and blog post! Glad you had fun. But to note, the Star Tours ride is permanent — not just for the SW weekends. And you are right, that is one awesome t-shirt!

    • Gourmet Girl

      Good to know. I knew that it had recently reopened and it is being featured as “Back for Star Wars Weekends” Didn’t know they were going to keep it.

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