What?!? It’s Already Almost JULY?!?

As I look at that big 22 on my calendar today, I’m amazed at how quickly my time here at Disney has flown by.  I’m finishing up my 5th week here and quickly approaching the half-way point.  Time is flying at a rapid pace and there are things to consider and decisions to be made.

As most of you know, I came down here with the intent of staying.  My family desperately needed a reboot, a fresh start and I desperately needed a job.  Coming to a new area has been just as good as I had hoped.  Of course, there are struggles (like TOLL ROADS at every turn).  Ty is still finding his stride and getting his feet on the ground.  We’re still living just slightly better than your average run-of-the-mill transients (and I do mean slightly).  But better days, more prosperous days seems to be on the horizon.

From the day I arrived, I have made no secret of my desire to be hired full-time by Disney.  It’s not a perfect company but it is a pretty good one to work for.  Lots of opportunities, neat opportunities and I absolutely believe in and support their corporate culture and belief system.  After talking to everyone I could about post-externship opportunities, I seem to have finally struck gold in Chef James.  He’s in charge of Boatwright’s (the table-service restaurant at my resort) and said he would like to talk to me sooner rather than later about becoming a real, full-time castmember.  The thing is that finding time to sit down and chat in a kitchen is tough.  We’re still trying to get together.  But yesterday, I had a ray of sunshine when he pulled me aside to give me a written performance review that was required by Le Cordon Bleu.  He told me that it was the best review he’d ever given, that I was a tremendous asset to the kitchen and that even though he left the end part about whether or not I’d been hired full-time blank (because we haven’t talked specifics about role, pay, etc) They were in one capacity or another going to keep me on.  Very very good to hear.



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