Meet Alde

There’s a new man in my life – at least according to Disney standards.  Name tags at Disney are an important thing.  So important that no one is permitted to work without one.  So what happens if you lose or forget your name tag?  No worries…. every work location has a random collection of people that you can become – and become them you must.  It was two weeks before I learned that the girl who trained me at my work location was not actually Shannon.  Her nametag said Shannon.  She answered to Shannon but her name was Ju’Tuan.  She still looks like a Shannon to me.  If you adopt a new name, it’s yours.  We’re required to answer to whatever name is on our chest.

And losing your name tag isn’t the only way that you can become someone else.  With the vast numbers of internationals that Disney employs, it’s inevitable that some have names that are next to impossible for average Americans to pronounce.  When this happens, castmembers are asked to choose more common names to make the guest experience easier.  There are so many chinese and japanese students here with names like “John” and “Becky” and “Sylvia”

One of the good things that’s happened to us this week is that Ty has been hired by the company that supplies caricature artists to the resorts and starts work tomorrow.  He will still have to go through Traditions (orientation) where he’ll get his ID and name tag.  But until then he’ll be working under an alias.    And so with his new Disney-look approved haircut, I introduce to you “Alde.”


And in true Ty…I mean, er… Alde form, he’s making the most of it.  He’s asked if he can talk like Latka Gravas from Taxi.  No?  Well at the very least he can’t wait until the first guest looks at his name tag and asks him how to pronounce his name.  Running his finger slowly under the letters, “ALDE” he plans to slowly say, “Tyyyyyy”




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  1. I think I’ll start the Alde fan club…

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