A Day Off

Few things feel better than the joy that comes from creating a life from scratch.  This whole Orlando thing has been difficult.  We’ve left behind so many people that we love and moved into unfamiliar territory simply for a shot at taking control of our future and creating a world that’s just a little more perfect for us.  There have been many stresses and moments of panic since we arrived.  It hasn’t all been pixie dust and Zippity Doo Dahs.  But when you’re put into a position of having little, then little things mean a lot and today was a day that we may have taken for granted just a few months ago.

Today Ty started work.  He donned the Alde name tag and pulled a 5-hour shift at the All-Star Music resort.  At the end of the day, he had drawn enough caricatures to certainly make it worth his while and had a good time while doing it.  It looks like that’s going to be a viable income source for us and that is certainly a relief.  I was honestly prepared for the worst.  Glad it didn’t come to that.  In addition, he filled out more papers for Apple so it looks as if they are definitely bringing him on board here in Orlando.  My only concern now is that we’ll both be working TOO much.

I had a much-needed day off today.  I’ve been working 6 days a week and with the rains that Debby has brought in, it’s been so busy each and every night.  People aren’t leaving their hotels for much.  I’m worn down – mentally and (I fear) physically.  Today I woke with an annoying hacking cough and pain in my chest.  Still, we braved the odd weather (heavy rain, heavy wind and spots of sun) and went to EPCOT.  Crowds were low and the boys and I were able to do most everything before about 2:00 p.m.  We then came back to the room and spent the evening laying in bed, playing video games and watching the olympic swimming qualifiers.  It was simple and easy but so enjoyable.  I don’t remember the last night we spent just being at rest and all enjoying each other in the process and I’m not sure when it will happen again.  But tonight, it was good.

Today was a small victory in a sea of challenges.  But we’re optimistic.  The numbers suggest that if Ty has days like today just a few times a week and then a few Apple shifts, everything will be okay.  In fact, everything will be pretty good.  And pretty good seems like bliss at this point.  

So take a moment and think about the simple, lovely things that you take for granted.  We all do it.  Imagine if you were starting over.  What would be the things you’d try to do first?  What would your priorities be?  What simple things would you take pure joy in?  While you think, I’m going to go watch a silly movie with my son and take joy in the thought that I’m not on my feet, carving a turkey or making a roast beef sandwich.  And tomorrow, I hope I’ll be ready to go again.  Making magic for guests who also need to relax, recenter and enjoy.




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