Today there is much to say.  So much that the thoughts are circling in my head and refusing to organize themselves in anyway suitable to writing.  I apologize for that as you read this blog but sometimes things just need to be said and eloquence be damned.

Today we are a blessed step closer to having a place to live.  A place with a kitchen and two bedrooms and an address.  By tomorrow we should have a lease and be registering our boys for school.  Collin will attend the school he’s been dreaming of for months.  He’ll have a chance to play baseball for one of the best.  All of this is happening due, in large part, to a very generous offer from someone I don’t even know.  I’m so very thankful, my family is thankful and my heart is full of warmth and gratitude.  The world is still full of kind people.  I’m grateful to have so many in my life.

Today is the birthday of my hero and inspiration.  Today Julia Child would have been 100 years old.  She too blazed new trails and embarked on adventure in her 40s and where it took her is a remarkable testament to her beauty, strength, determination and humor.  If I could grow to only have a fraction of her gumption, I’d consider myself blessed.  She lived a long life but still died too young.  Thank goodness her legacy lives on. Usually on Julia’s birthday, we celebrate by having friends over for good food and good wine.  We enjoy the fellowship of others around a table.  I long for the days when I can do this again.  I look forward to cooking.  But for today, I’ll just read stories of Julia and imagine the food that I would prepare.  I’m missing my friends today.  So very much.

Today I also planned my trip to Texas.  As of Friday, I will officially be finished with school.  I’ll be returning to Dallas during the weekend of September 8 for graduation.  I look so forward to seeing friends and family again.  It will be a quick few days but days of fun and friendship and respite.  It’s been a wonderful journey and I look forward to celebrating the end..and the beginning.  If you’d like to celebrate with us on Saturday night, let me know.  There’s a great little group so far.  It will be fun night.  

Today was my last day before returning to a grueling work schedule at my new location.  Tomorrow I report to work at 5:30 a.m.  I’ll be making omelets on stage for the guests.  I’m looking forward to it and am very ready to get back to work.

Today I am happy.  I am at peace.  Today is good.


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