Just an Update

Lately I’ve heard a little bit of grumbling over the lack of blog activity here.  I’m flattered, humbled and apologetic.  It’s not that nothing has been happening…. I think it’s that EVERYTHING has been happening.  Crazy and new seems to have become our “normal”.  So much so that it doesn’t seem important or noteworthy.  But things have been happening.

Most importantly, a few weeks ago, I graduated from Culinary School.  Many of you sent me well-wishes and I was even able to visit with so many of you while I was in Texas for a few days.  I’m so thankful to have so many wonderful friends who cared to drop emails, give cards or just spend a little time with me on that very special weekend.  It was truly a wonderful time at home with my dad and others I care so much about.  As nice as it was to achieve what I set out to do, I was also a bit sad.  I loved the process of learning something new.  Even more, I loved the people with whom I was fortunate enough to get to know during school.  I am so proud of them and miss them terribly.  Our class was something special and it’s sad to think that I may not see some of them again.  That part of the experience was something I had not expected.  

Here is Florida things are going well.  I’m currently working at the All-Star Movie Resort.  It’s not my permanent home as I’m on a “full-time” waiting list.  But for now, it’s good.  I’m getting the kitchen experience I always needed.  I’m just now starting to feel comfortable and coming into my own.  I work with some great people, but Disney is really no different from anywhere else, so I also work with a challenging person or two.   The back kitchen (or Heart of House as it’s called here) seems to be where Disney stashes those with personalities that are not guest-worthy.  Thankfully, I can hold my own and it hasn’t bothered me too much.

There are a lot of things going on at Disney right now.  The Magic Kingdom is decked out for fall and a couple of nights a week are devoted to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Great for the little kids though mine are more interested in going to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights by Alice Cooper.  Today also marks the beginning of the EPCOT Food & WIne Festival.  As you can imagine, I’m excited about this.  Really hoping we can find time to swing by one day before it ends.  

As you all probably know, we are now in an apartment about 15 minutes north of Disney.  Collin is playing baseball for Olympia High School and Camden is doing well in Chain of Lakes Middle School.  Things are slowly getting more comfortable but we still don’t take much for granted.  There is still no dining room table, or real beds but we do have a couch, a love seat, TV and even a make-shift coffee table.  My dad has been kind enough to ship me several boxes of kitchen items so I can at least cook.  Speaking of my dad, he and his wife (and possibly her boys) are visiting us in early December.  I’m looking forward to doing the parks with Dad.  We haven’t done that since I was 16.

Ty is still working at many of the Disney resorts and has several real gigs coming up in the next few weeks.  He and his close friend, Al will be headed to North Carolina next week to work an event and he’ll be making several trips to Miami.  We’re anxious to get the gig business up and running well.  That will make all of the difference in the world.

So there you have it.  Us in a nutshell.  Please stay in touch with us and if you find yourself in Orlando, give us a shout.  We’d love to have dinner, explore a park or just meet you for coffee.  We’re enjoying our new surroundings but miss those who make our life what it is.


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